14 March 2023

We Are Turning Sweet 16th!

Posted by Briana from Telin on Mar 14, 2023 9:28:00 AM


Sixteen years ago in 2007, when Telin was established to manage Indonesia’s international telecommunications business, none of us could have imagined that we’d be where we are now. The past decade and a half have seen sweeping transformations across the global connectivity and telecommunications industry, leading to major disruptions as companies strive to reinvent themselves for the digital era.


These sweeping changes extended to Telin as well, forcing us to examine and re-imagine our business model and vision for a changing world. In response, over the last few years, we have undertaken a massive transformation of our business which we finally completed at the end of 2022.


With this transformation into “One Telin”, we have now taken major steps towards our new vision of becoming the digital infrastructure and platform partner of choice in the Indo-Pacific region. As a result, customers and partners, including yourself, will be able to enjoy a better experience with Telin’s products as we bring our client service people from across the globe to focus on solving your challenges in specific areas.


To reflect these achievements and our optimism for the future, we’ve settled on ‘Dazzling’ as the theme of our Sweet 16th year! This word that may seem jarring given the ongoing global turbulence, but we also believe that it’s the perfect word to discover the potential and promise that we see. Both for our customers and for ourselves at Telin, as we prepare to step out and dazzle as a global enterprise from Indonesia on the world stage.


With that, please allow us to recap our journey!



14 March: TII (now Telin) was established.

6 December: Telin Singapore was Established



January: TII joined SJC Consortium

28 January: TII buys 17,01% Scicom Malaysia shares

16 June: TII added 29.71% shares of Scicom.

August: TII held the 1st Bali Annual Telkom International Conference (BATIC)

8 December: Telin Hong Kong was established



12 January: TII changed its identity to Telin. 



17 September: Telin Timor-Leste was Established

24 October: Telin Launched As 2in1 in Hong Kong



14 January: Telkom Australia was established (On March 6, 2018 it changed to Telin Australia).

17 January: Inauguration of Telkomcel.

13 May: Telkom Macau was established (On July 17, 2017 it changed to Telin Macau).

14 June: Telkom Taiwan was established (On September 6, 2017 it changed to Telin Taiwan).

2 July: Telin Malaysia was established. 

16 August: Telin launched a branch in Myanmar.

21 August: Telin changed its logo

11 December: Telkom USA was established (On August 10, 2017 it changed to Telin USA). 




7 March: Telin joined the SEA-ME-WE 5 cable system consortium.

23 June: KSA Branch Office was established

28 August: Telin joined the SEA- US cable system consortium.

25 September: Telkom Australia acquired 75% of CCA shares. 



5 June: Groundbreaking of Jurong Data Center in Singapore



2 July: Inauguration WHOCC Kalibata



24 November: Telin acquired 49% shares of TSGN. 



8 March: Telin joined the South East Asian Japan Cable System-2 (SJC-2) consortium

12 April: Data Center NeuCentrIX HK-1 Hong Kong launch



2 May: Telin Conducts IGG Groundbreaking in Singapore 



Telin transfers TSGNs Shares to sister Company Telkomsat 



22 February: Telin Launched NeuTrafiX

30 March: Telin joined the Bifrost Cable System cable system consortium with Keppel and Facebook 



31 March: Telin opened a Representative Office in Dubai

20 July: Telin launched a second gateway in Manado


Not to leave behind, we also like to give our utmost gratitude to all former Board of Directors (BoD) whose presence becomes our backbone, which sets today’s milestone.


This is with our humble gratitude to say Thank You to everyone and those who have been staying with us since the beginning. 




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Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected with Telin!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

Briana is member of Telin Marketing Team, taking part in a lot of digital marketing aspects, experts in responding to your inquiry and assigning to the right Telin representative.