12 December 2018

Secure Your Data Communication Network with an IP-VPN

Posted by Briana from Telin on Dec 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM


Do you need a secure network for your company, but you face limited option? Perhaps, it does not matter for small enterprises. But, it will be a serious pain if your company is a medium to large-sized enterprise which has branches out of homeland where you need to keep your business running competitively across geographical locations.

To make cost-effective business activities, you require efficient communication - fast and secure - between headquarters and its different regional offices to minimize your time and expense. Whatever you deliver - voice, data, video-the data packets needs to be received quickly and securely.

Building your own network across countries connecting multiple sites to support your daily business is almost not possible as it needs a great expense. Moreover, it will take much time in establishment before ready to operate. It is surely very uneconomical option.

The most efficient choice is using a public network (the Internet) to carry your business data. It is cheaper, simpler, faster, and more flexible than creating your own network infrastructure since the Internet reaches into almost every corner of the world.

Of course, connecting your company’s Local Area Network (LAN) to the public network will leave your data privacy defenseless to unauthorized user who intends to gain access for malicious purposes, meaning your company’s sensitive information is more exposed to risks. Your company’s communication traffic via the Internet will also be easily eyed by any third party.

In preventing the perils of the public network, you require a secure private tunnel for data communication among you. You need an Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN), an Internet Protocol-based networking technology that allows your company’s intranet to be accessed remotely without anxiety of being watched or hijacked by outsiders.

It means your employees in remote locations -in office, home, train, or anywhere covered by the Internet- can connect to the head office and access your company database, proprietary information, and shared files, as well as use any LAN-connected device such as a printer. They are virtually in “local” computer network as if they were physically in the same building.

An IP-VPN reduces cost of connection between branch offices, company’s intranet, and mobile users, as it runs over IP-VPN providers network infrastructure - you do not need to physically possess the network, but you virtually own it. Compared to build and manage a private Wide Area Network (WAN), for which a company needs to hire lines to operate, it is more efficient.

It has a little difference from any typical public VPN that establishes a connection via the Internet and frequently uses public gateways to connect, which means it is vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that can reduce bandwidth speed. Free public VPN, for example, uses more limited and overcrowded servers causing slower connection and weaker security .

Alternately, an IP-VPN avoids public gateways by traveling on a private connection so that your private data remains secured. It commonly uses Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) architecture to prioritize your internet traffic and maintain the bandwidth separated from the public network. In case you needs the bandwidth to prioritize a video conference, the network is simply your own.

Moreover, an IP-VPN offers robust security. Not only does it hide IP addresses to keep your identity safe, but it also uses protocol security (IPsec) to protect your data privacy from any attacker’s attempt.

IPsec provides service of data confidentiality, to protect data flows from being observed, by encrypting data packets to make them scribbled and unreadable for third parties. It also guarantees data integrity and data authentication to ensure that delivered data has not been altered during transmission and actually sent by the authorized sender.

Therefore, if data security and seamless connection are the most vital issues of your company, you need an IP-VPN for your company’s network. Telin’s Global IP-VPN should be considered when you are seeking such services.

As one of the world’s leading telecommunication company, with its scalable network domestically - supported by its established parent company (Telkom)’s strong infrastructure in Indonesia - and internationally covering the larger part of the world, Telin came up to be a truly global digital solution.

IP-VPN is one of many services by Telin to provide very secure and high-speed private network for business organizations. With Telin-operated submarine cables carrying the latest transmission technology that connects South East Asia to Intra-Asia (Indochina), Australia, West Europe and North America, the customers will enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the continents.

Telin's IP-VPN is a communication network tunneled through another network, and dedicated for a specific network to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to your organization network. It completely answers your demand for a better network without swapping some keys factor such as flexibility and efficiency.

The following are our IP-VPN service values you should consider:

Efficiency. Telin’s IP-VPN is a comprehensive end-to-end managed solution. You will benefit from less managed connection and use your network more efficient as you control it more easily and effectively. Operations and monitoring provided by Telin guarantee the highest levels of availability and reliability. The latest technology applied also ensures that all possibilities are exploited to the full.

Flexibility. Service offered are scalable in terms of Quality of Service (QoS), Class of Service (CoS), Service Level Guarantee (SLG), Service Level Agreement (SLA) such as redundancy and back-up, bandwidth, and multi-layered VPN. We provides agile infrastructure support with fast deployment to keep the pace with your business organization changes.

Availability. Telin’s network operation centers serve 24-hour and 7-day monitoring of remote gateways (operation and availability) so that our IP-VPN service is reliable for your company to support your day-to-day business. Our guaranteed service levels are backed by SLG and SLA. Network performance is also guaranteed with prioritized traffic.

Security. Our IP-VPN uses MPLS network platform and IPsec encryption for premium security for your data privacy. Your network is safe as it is separated from the public Internet. We also protect it with secure authorization, in which users must register and are authorized via Telin World Hub of Command Center (WHOCC). Our technology also secures intranet and extranet access anywhere in the world with value-added services.

For more information, see our services in www.telin.net and check our detail feature of IP-VPN we offer to both wholesale, carrier, and enterprise.

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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