23 February 2021

Seamless Asia-Based Data Center Solutions for Your Global Connectivity Needs

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COVID-19 has impacted the business landscape across the globe, and the data center sector is no exception. The rise in remote working and the surge in demand for data has put the data center sector in the spotlight, as more and more data need to be processed and stored.


Companies that were taking the cautious approach to using cloud now have no choice but to embrace it as they cannot scale up their internal capability quickly enough. As part of this, they are now looking more favorably at leasing data center space. However, while data can be moved to the cloud in a matter of minutes, leasing data center space can take months when fit out is included, especially given that current spike in demand, which has resulted in data center spaces showing record occupancy.


Finding the Right Data Center for Your Needs

Not all data centers are created equal. To find the right one for you, it’s important to examine our needs. Important factors to consider include:

Regulatory requirements and compliance

For example, many banking and fintech companies need to meet rigorous regulatory requirements for data storage. It’s important to check whether the data center provider can do so.

Geographic location

For minimal latency, it’s preferable to have your data center located close to users. On the other hand, you may also wish to diversify your data center location away from your premises, to safeguard against geographic disasters.

Security features

As cyberattacks and corporate espionage rises, it’s important to check as to the security features of the data center provider, both in terms of digital security and physical checks.


Obviously, your data center should be able to provide reliable and secure connectivity with guaranteed SLA in line with your needs.

Power generation

All data centers should have back up power generators in case of loss of power from the main source.

Disaster mitigation

Do ask about their disaster mitigation protocols. They should be able to answer with a comprehensive list of actions.


Some data centers require you to use to exclusively use the carrier they work with, while others are carrier-neutral.


Why Customers Sign On for Telin’s Data Centers

For over a decade, Telin has been known for providing best–in-class, carrier-neutral data centers in Asia Pacific. Today, Telin and Telkom Group operates more than 24 Tier II to Tier IV Data Centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Timor Leste, all of which are connected to the Global Internet Network and supported by seamless submarine cable connectivity. Hence, it is one of the manners to connect with Telin’s numerous global PoP, which are located in 58 different locations worldwide. Through these PoPs they can then tap into Indonesia’s 200 million eyeballs of internet users.

These connections are supported by Telin’s resources and vast network as a subsidiary of Indonesia’s largest telco provider, Telkom Indonesia, which has over 200 million subscribers and the most expansive national infrastructure in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Telin and Telkom Group owns and operates Data Centers in several cities, offering a diversity of options. These data centers are connected to the rest of the world by the newly built IGG submarine cable and other connectivity options.

In Singapore, clients have a choice of three Telin Data Centers in diverse location options - including the multi-tier (Uptime Institute Tier II and Tier III certified) Telin-3 flagship data center, a facility that operates on a carrier neutral basis, a multi-tier (Uptime Institute Tier III certified) facility, 24/7 monitoring with self-service portal, and end-to-end digital ecosystem (Colocation, Connectivity, Cloud, and Cybersecurity).

In Hong Kong, Telin’s neuCentrIX HK-1 is a top-notch carrier-neutral data center equipped with 600-800 KVA high-capacity power and 200 racks (3-4 KVA max/rack) - which is connected to a mature ecosystem in the form of the MEGA-I and Equinix, scalability from 2U to custom cage, free DIA, cloud connectivity, physical migration, international and local DCI, smart hand, installation service, service rental/procurement, solution consultation/design, VPN, network security, anti-DDOS, seamless connectivity, accessibility to Telkom’s domestic wide eyeballs, and direct peering with HKIX.

In Timor Leste, Data Center’s features are including web hosting, virtual private servers, and colocations.

All of these data centers offer seamless connection to global infrastructure, providing custom-made solutions to meet clients’ business needs for secure and efficient data storage in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Timor Leste with connection to the global network.


Features of Telin Data Centers


  • Colocation
    Safe secure colocation experience with advance facilities to host mission-critical servers
  • Network & Connectivity
    Reliable secure and efficient local and global connectivity
  • IP Transit
    Internet Access Solution to connect around the world with Telin Internet Global Network (TIXNet)
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
    Point-to-point connection with 100% bandwidth guaranteed
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    Access to a globally distributed platform of servers for load balancing
  • Connectivity
    Secure, high-capacity data center services
  • Cloud
    Provides various enterprise-class cloud services
  • Value Added Service
    Inter-rack cabling, smart hand, storage space, meeting room, remote peering over the Telin PoP


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