2 August 2023

Reasons to Sign up with Telin’s WhatsApp Business.

Posted by Briana from Telin on Aug 2, 2023 3:19:54 PM


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms, with over 2 billion monthly unique active users worldwide. Consumers love it, with 66% of adults preferring to interact with businesses over messaging channels. It is also highly affordable compared to traditional A2P messaging, due to rising rates and the growth of OTTs.


As a result, it is no surprise that WhatsApp for Business has gained swift adoption. If your company isn’t already using WhatsApp for Business, it’s something to consider. And if you are, you should know that the tools and services available on WhatsApp for Business have continued to expand.


So what can you do with WhatsApp for Business?


WhatsApp has proved that it can demonstrably strengthen customer communication, boost sales, and improve overall efficiency. For example, a survey found that 74% of online adults feel more connected when they can directly message businesses, meaning that the implementation of WhatsApp has the potential to enhance the customer journey, increase conversion and grow awareness.

One early adopter has been the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector. For example, ICIC Bank in India has launched a service on WhatsApp. Governments around the world have also made use of this trend. The Cayman Islands has an official WhatsApp channel (https://www.gov.ky/whatsapp), and the Indonesian government passport services offered appointments by WhatsApp for a time, which proved highly popular.

Starting in June 2023, Telin has officially become a Telecom WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). As such, Telin will now be listed in Meta's directory of BSP.


Why sign up through Telin?

As an official Meta Business Services Partner, Telin supports WhatsApp through Business customers with technical support and troubleshooting to help businesses resolve any issues promptly.


Telin will also facilitate businesses in effectively using the WhatsApp Business API, offering guidance on best practices for customer communication, messaging templates, and chatbot design. With this feature, you can conduct more targeted and specific WhatsApp blasts tailored to your preferences and reach a broader audience.

In addition, the collaboration between Telin and Meta offers opportunities for Telin customers to access a range of services related to WhatsApp Business Platform, such as integration, consultation, development, support, and training to help teams use this service efficiently.

Also, with Telin, you have the option at any time to seamlessly combine WhatsApp with Telin’s powerful Communications-as-a-Service platform (CPaaS), called NeuAPIX. This full-stack CPaaS delivers additional omnichannel messaging capacity, which can be set up using a drop-and-drag interface for ease of use, and comes with built-in chat-bot functionality and Natural Language Programming (NLP). In short, WhatsApp and Telin's CPAAS platforms enable personal connections with customers, boosting satisfaction and business growth.


Interested in learning more?


At Telin, we are confident that leveraging WhatsApp services can lead to positive outcomes for enterprises, including improved customer service, increased sales, enhanced communication, improve cost savings, increased efficiency, and access to valuable insights.


However, don’t take our word for it. Come schedule a call by emailing marketing@telin.net or Ask for Quote and we can show you what we’re talking about.


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