11 July 2019

Real-Time Communication for High Quality Customer Experience

Posted by Briana from Telin on Jul 11, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Customer communication is a key to customer engagement

All over the world, customers are raising the bar in terms of the service quality and experience that they expect, even as they are often located far away from the businesses attempting to connect with them. The ability to offer high quality, real-time communications is becoming increasingly critical in terms of ensuring optimal customer engagement.

At the same time, these expectations have increased the burden on businesses, which often have to scramble to fulfill their customers’ expectations of real-time omni-channel communication with simultaneous SMS, social media, voice call, or even chat bot capability. Even applications that are not communication oriented are expected to offer real-time communication. Text message reminders, click-to-dial phone calls, and in-app streaming videos are just a handful of examples of real-time communications that people have come to expect.

In response, businesses are turning to Communications-Platform-as a-Service services as a technology that allows you to embed the communication solutions you need into your existing businesses using plug-and-play APIs. With these CPaaS solutions, companies can enjoy omnichannel business communications capability without excessive investment in new infrastructure and technology. It’s no wonder that more and more companies are investing in CPaaS.

Use CPaaS solutions to enhance your customer experience

Telin offers the full stack CPaaS solution currently on the market that is completely comprised of telco components, called NeuAPIX. This robust, cloud-based platform that gives developers and businesses the freedom to embed real-time communications in their applications without developing additional back-end infrastructure.

Capabilities on offer include Voice, SMS, Email, Video, WebRTC and Social media messaging platform, which can be used in various situations to support customer interactions. For example, the NeuAPIX CPaaS platform can be used to handle B2C video calls with customers to support product demos or handle in-depth technical support.

You can use NeuAPIX to enable customers to initiate voice calls with agents simply by clicking an in-app button, which becomes easier rather than forcing customers to memorize the number and leave the app to call. NeuAPIX can also support other forms of customer service such online reservation through your apps, or messaging  chatting with customers online or through SMS.

In short, NeuAPIX CPaaS enables businesses and organizations of any size to employ integrated real-time communication applications at a fraction of the usual cost and complexity.

Fast Implementation, Flexible Pricing

Our business model differs from our competitors as it is flexible, with pricing offered on a service-on-a-usage basis. Rates apply only to traffic passing through the NeuAPIX software stack. Moreover, NeuAPIX is available as a white label solution to offer to your own customers.

NeuAPIX is the ideal CPaaS platform to help you scale safely and effectively, backed by Telin’s global capabilities.  Find out more by emailing us at marketing@telin.net or visit our website, telin.net/product/mobility for more detailed information.

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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