25 January 2019

Quickly Create RTC Features to Your Apps with NeuAPIX CPaaS Platform

Posted by Briana from Telin on Jan 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Advance of technology has raised customer expectations. They expect quick, immediate, and more responsive communication. They are more comfortable with online interaction as the main alternative to offline customer service point. Customers also expect companies to utilize innovative communication channels. Keeping customers happy and satisfied is a must in a hyper-competitive business, where you want to avoid churns.

Real-time communication channels are vital in maintaining customer’s loyalty: they lead to faster response to customer questions and complaints. Agents will be able to take immediate actions, and in turn, customer will feel valued because their needs are being addressed as they arise.

Phone calls used to be the main channel for real-time communications. Nowadays more options are available: SMS texts, instant messengers, social media, and web chats. Some customers will still prefer voice calls, but others will be more comfortable with text communications.

Customer relationship is not the only use of real-time communication channels. For example, two-factor authentication uses SMS or voice call to secure user accounts. Fintech apps may use real-time communication to confirm identity and payments. Health care apps can provide immediate services by including consultation with health practitioners in their platforms.

While real-time communications are important features, including their inside apps or web service is not necessarily straightforward. Integrating real-time communication features can be expensive and complex. Companies may not want to prioritize building backend infrastructure necessary to deliver real-time communication features.

NeuApix from Telin can help you to offer integrated real-time communication in your applications at a fraction of its usual cost and complexity. Offered as Full Stack Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), NeuApix can work with Public Cloud computing architecture to bring voice, video, and messaging features to your applications.

Our user-friendly NeuAPIX Visual Designer makes it easy to quickly configure and customize your applications via drag and drop, or utilize APIs for businesses to provide secure and efficient communications by integrating voice, messaging and video call.

NeuApix from Telin also offers flexibility in payment. Connectivity is optional part of the service, and you can bring your own carrier. NeuApix priced on a service-on-usage basis, with minimum monthly pay.

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is a way to keep your existing phone provider. NeuAPIX works with any SMPP carrier for SMS features, and SIP-capable carrier for voice communication. This capability gives you the flexibility and control to choose the right phone company with the right plan for you. If you don’t already have a carrier for your phones and SMS/MMS then we have exclusive partnerships with carriers that are guaranteed to save your phone bill.

Telin has global support for development with guaranteed SLA, with presence in USA, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. This enables us to offer specific and unique solutions using NeuApix, tailored specifically to your market.

NeuApix Feature Highlights

Programmable Voice
Build voice applications for any app, website or voice based communications system with the help of our powerful drag and drop Visual Designer or robust Programmable Voice APIs.

NeuApix brings essential voice call features such as call control, call conference, recording, and audio playback. Furthermore, NeuApix brings speech recognition and text-to-speech. NeuAPIX Speech Recognition API captures your speech in 119 languages in real-time, transcribes it, and returns text for further processing.

Programmable SMS
Brings SMS management features such as notifications, logs, and delivery reports. Intelligent message splitting, smart text encoding for nonstandard characters and emojis, and two-way messaging ensured that customers enjoy interactive chat using SMS channel.

More details about NeuApix and documentation about the features and APIs are available at the website, https://telin.net/neuapix. NeuApix is provided by Telin (http://www.telin.net), a world’s leading telecommunication hub with global presence. You can also ask for more information by email to marketing@telin.net.

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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