16 April 2020

Need an Impeccable Solution to Support You Working Remotely?

Posted by Briana from Telin on Apr 16, 2020 10:27:00 AM

With work-from-home (WFH) arrangements in full swing all over the world, businesses need to make sure that they have the bandwidth necessary to support remote operations consistently and securely. Stanford University has conducted a two-year study that showed a solid 13% improvement in performance from people working at home—but only if they have the right support.

Bottlenecks During Work from Home

The New York Times reports that unreliable home internet connectivity is by far the most common work-from-home (WFH) tech issue, an alarming situation that is likely to get worse as people around the world go into lock down.

In USA, Verizon, which is the largest US wireless provider by number of users, saw online gaming usage spike by 75%, while AT&T said it hit record highs of data traffic driven by heavy video streaming. Already, governments and ISPs are trying to manage the network strain with Europe making the decision to dial back streaming video resolution to conserve bandwidth. Workers are already finding that some video calls, cloud data and big email attachments slow down or simply freeze during peak usage times.

In order to maintain productivity, businesses need to quickly roll out secure, high capacity connections to keep their workers connected and their services online in a safe manner. This is especially crucial given the high volume and sensitivity of the data being processed and stored from multiple sources including customer transactions, and more.

The last thing any business needs in this climate is to be paralyzed by slow internet connectivity and possible security breaches—ultimately leading to more costs and long term damage.

Fast, Secure Scalable Solution to Strengthen Your Cloud Connection

Telin supports you and your businesses worldwide during this COVID-19 pandemic with our cloud solution. Telin Cloud Exchange (TCX) is a solution for fast, secure and consistent connection between your premises and your preferred cloud service provider.

TCX is compatible with all cloud service market leaders: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Provider (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Alicloud (Alibaba). Using MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), we can quickly and easily install a secure, high performance private connection from Cloud Service Provider’s network to your data centre, offices, and / or colocation environment.

MPLS works to boost the data transfer rate from your on-premise network to your cloud service provider’s network premises, using a dedicated Ethernet fiber-optic cable.

This combination allows employees to work effectively from home. With TCX, you get:

  1. Private Connectivity

    Establish a direct private virtual interface from your on-premise network to Cloud Service Provider’s network premises. This high bandwidth connection between your network and your VPCs allow you to run multiple virtual interfaces while maintaining network isolation

  2. Elastic Bandwidth

    Our bandwidth can be easily scaled to suit your needs. Telin Cloud Exchange offers connections starting from 50 Mbps as well as multiple connections for more capacity through a fast provisioning process

  3. Multiple Cloud Regions

    From your premises, access multiple Cloud Service Provider’s network connections through 63 Telin Points of Presence (PoP) around the globe


Choose TCX for Flexible, Scalable Global Connectivity

Not only does TCX support secure and fast remote connection, its scalable nature means that businesses as well as carriers don’t need to invest time and resources in building out their own cloud interconnection. TCX offers:

  1. High availability (Up to 99.95% and 99.99% options)
  2. Carriers can use TCX to connect over cloud to their customers with zero investment and zero effort
  3. TCX can connect you to multiple cloud service providers
  4. Choose from 10G of dedicated connection and sub-1G connection starting from 5Mbps
  5. End-to-end connection from the cloud to customers’ premises including last mile connection

Find Out More

We recognize that the New Normal of Working From Home business environment poses particular challenges. With increasing internet broadband since local authorities direction to carry out social distancing, we have upgraded our internet capacity by an additional 50% to manage this demand. We recognize that this additional capacity is critical for specific industries, in order to ensure that businesses can function as normal by finding the right cloud exchange solutions while working remotely. Simply email us at marketing@telin.net and let us know what you’re looking for.

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected, and keep productive!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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