7 June 2018

myTelin Provides Quick and Real Time Information for Customers

Posted by Briana from Telin on Jun 7, 2018 8:00:00 AM


Are you seeking a bandwidth capacity that is reliable, safe, and secure, avoiding a hazardous area? Or are you waiting for cloud infrastructure we are preparing to sustain your fast-moving business expansion?

Whatever Telin's services you are engaged with, you can track the progress easily through your mobile device. You can tap your tablet or smart phone, and find what you need to know about our services.

As one of the world s most prominent telecommunication companies, Telin's presence spread in the continents of Asia, Australia, Middle East, and North America. We are the hub for telecommunications and digital business connecting your business to potential market across the boundary

With various customers from wholesale, carrier, over-the-top (OTT), retailer, to enterprise scattered in several continents, Telin needs to reach all of them and capture their voices to make sure that Telin support their business growth. We understand that our better services go with our customers satisfaction.

Telin introduces myTelin - a customer portal that is available in desktop and mobile version - to manage durable relationship and interaction with both existing and prospective customers. With our mobile apps, we are improving our company s service by facilitating effective communication with you.

We deeply understand that you always need prompt information without delay about our ongoing service for your business. You need fast access, wherever you are and whenever you need, to report your problem in case you are facing a trouble with our service.

myTelin provides you an easy access for monitoring any service available for your companies. The apps make us digitally connected. We hear you better, welcome your feedback, and also keep you informed. We serve you with numerous menus, including dashboard, inbox, tickets, order tracker, active services, terminated services, invoice, payment, and status updater. Edit profile and change password are also available for you.

You can update information about the progress of your order, your active service, service delivery, installation, billing details, and troubleshoot ticket. Once you login to myTelin, you have them all in your own hands.

We know that you expect a swift solution as your day-to-day business needs to continue. Server downtime, failure connection, or intermittent access may cause your business run sluggish. As we always serve you with top-notch telecommunication service, we guarantee to back up our service with speedy problem solving.

When your internet connection is interrupted, for example, you do not need to ask anyone about the trouble you have as you can simply overcome it by yourself through the apps. Also, when you are experiencing failing access to your server, you can solve it immediately through myTelin. With the apps, troubleshooting is easier.

As it shortens way of obtaining information, you do not need to waste your time anymore with a long procedure. With more accessible real time information we provide in myTelin, you can spend more time to deal with your core business. Through myTelin, our very agile team will respond you in a better and faster way.

The other benefits of using myTelin are reducing your working email bandwidth, paperless, quick, offhand, and very easy. Forget about hotline number to call, which frequently takes more time to tell your problem in detail, as Telin's customer portal is traffic-free, reliable, and more personal as you have your own dashboard to manage.

Download the apps and register yourself now! email us at marketing@telin.net or simply visit my.telin.co.id or cs.telin.co.id/login

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

Briana is member of Telin Marketing Team, taking part in a lot of digital marketing aspects, experts in responding to your inquiry and assigning to the right Telin representative.