1 March 2022

Make Every Interaction Count, Get Five Star Reviews

Posted by Briana from Telin on Mar 1, 2022 9:32:30 AM

Once upon a time, before the world went digital, you could have a good product and people would line up to buy it in your local neighborhood. Things like milk, or shoes. Your buying radius was constrained by your travel time.

Today, however, the internet allows customers to shop wherever they want, secure in the belief that global logistics systems will eventually get the product to your door. Or, in the case of digital products and services, send it to customers instantaneously. As such, how do you convince customers to buy your products and ensure customer loyalty when you’re competing against a pool of global options? How to make every interaction count with our dear customers?


5 Major Trends Shaping B2B Customer Experience Transformation  in 2022

In 2022, it’s clear that a good product is no longer enough to win. The entire experience, from exploration to purchase to use, needs to stand out in order to win customer loyalty and delight them. 

As a result, there’s an ongoing digital transformation of customer experience. The trends in customer and business behaviour that we’ve seen in previous years will continue and even escalate, with the following 5 big trends defining great customer experience or CX in 2022, especially when it comes to customer experience transformation retail.

  1. The new ‘want-it-now’ customer culture dictates the terms.

Customers want speed. A study by Freshwork of 107 million customer service interactions, speed has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. To deliver this, businesses must adopt a digital-first customer experience strategy (CX strategy) and mindset.

  1. Seamless omnichannel experiences replace physical-digital patchworks

Studies suggest that 80% of customers are more likely to buy from businesses that offer personalized experiences. As such, businesses need to bring together and unify customer conversations across all their channels: physical, traditional and digital, as part of their CX strategy.

  1. Messaging and mobile-first conversations redefine customer delight 

Businesses that leverage familiar channels to make customer service accessible and convenient will win. For example, as more and more users get used to chatting, companies that use Apple Business Chat have seen a 20% reduction in call volumes as customers have switched over to chatting as their preferred means of querying. Similarly, 68%  of WhatsApp users believe that it is the most convenient way to engage with a brand. 

  1. Agent empowerment drives customer delight for great experience

Business leaders will have to rely on technology to enable agent productivity while prioritizing agent well-being, even as expectations have risen. For example, 38% of customers expect customer service agents to immediately understand the context of their query. To deal with this, one in three business leaders are prioritising investments in new generation digital platforms to help support and sales teams work better.

  1. Experiences move from automation to prediction 

Businesses that harness the potential of AI to predict customer needs and delight customers at scale will stay ahead of the curve. One out of three business leaders who are implementing AL say that using it to predict customer needs is a key consideration for driving RoI.


Staying Ahead of the Customer Experience Curve

With all this in mind, how do you as a company stay ahead of these trends and deliver a ‘super experience’, one that demonstrates that you care about customers and seek to serve their wants and needs? How do you effortlessly deliver a great customer experience and win the battleground of customer loyalty?

Here’s a hint: it starts with communication. Every relationship starts with communication, and customer relationships are no different. Communication is the foundation upon which a super customer experience and customer loyalty is built. No surprise, 80% of businesses are trying to overhaul their communication strategies with a view to reaching customers seamlessly, real-time, across all channels, according to the McKinsey Report

In order to meet this need, in 2018 Telin launched the NeuAPIX platform as an integrated plug-and-play, customizable solution for omnichannel customer communications. This full stack Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) with Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) capability, enabling customers to keep their existing phone provider for incoming and outgoing calls, was warmly welcomed by customers as a way to fast-track their digital transformation.

Now, in 2022, in cooperation with Yellow.ai, the world’s leading next-gen Total Experience (TX) Automation Platform, NeuAPIX has been enhanced  with advanced AI capabilities to improve the customer experience at all levels, and supported by  customer experience analytics.

The platform’s AI bot is built on a zero-shot learning model allowing it to deliver accurate results from day one. Subsequently it will learn from millions of anonymized conversations happening across the platform daily to improve predictions and get better with time.

With NeuAPIX,you can now engage with your customers anytime, anywhere, across channels and in multiple languages, with complete journey control and campaign automation :

- Omnichannel Automation & Personalized Customer Support. Voice and text AI-powered virtual assistants expertly guide customers through personalized workflows across channels 24/7 Meet customers where they are, enable them to contact us in any channels.  We also monitor all of customers' inquiries from any channels, all in one dashboard. 

  • Secure & efficient. Our Programmable API for SMS, Voice and Video can easily plug into any existing application and quickly configure and customize your applications via drag and drop to provide secure and efficient communications. 
  • Fast & flexible scaling. Our plug-and-play CX automation platforms work with On-Premise, Public Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud and link to Localized and Regionalized Applications, enabling fast scaling.
  • Campaign Manager capabilities called SING (Smart Messaging Platform). Enablers enterprises to blast content to millions of people via SMS, voice call and WhatsApp. use this for notifications, marketing campaigns, surveys, and more.


Telin’s One Stop Solution to Give Your Customers Great Experience

With help from NeuAPIX, you have everything you need to build the unified communication solution and CX strategy that you need, towards ensuring great customer experience, both for transformation of retail customers and B2B customer experience.

Whereas current conventional processes create siloed, complicated journeys for customers, NeuAPIX can deliver a fast, seamless and integrated experience.


ALL NEW NeuAPIX Solution and Its Value Proposition

What does the all new NeuAPIX give you? How does it help you deliver a great customer experience?


Does higher customer interaction, great experience and customer loyalty sound good to you? If so, it’s time to learn more about NeuAPIX. What are three words that define CX for you? 

Check out what Telco industry leaders say about CX in three words. Email us at marketing@telin.net and let’s chat about how to make every interaction count. We can also discuss customer experience analytics use cases for B2B customer experience and as well as for  transformation of retail customer experience. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Stay Connected!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

Briana is member of Telin Marketing Team, taking part in a lot of digital marketing aspects, experts in responding to your inquiry and assigning to the right Telin representative.