21 January 2020

Keep Your Business Secure from Cyberattacks

Posted by Briana from Telin on Jan 21, 2020 8:00:00 AM


More than 3 billion people worldwide now connected to the internet as it has opened up an incredible opportunity. However, with that opportunities comes new threats and challenges. In 2018 alone, DDoS attacks and infrastructure layer attacks increased by 16% while reflection-based attacks increased by 4%, and the pace of attacks continue to accelerate even as businesses and government organizations increasingly rely on digital to engage customers and employees.

Major Emerging Issues

Cyberattacks directly damage businesses’ bottom line and brand reputation in multiple ways. Consequences range from service outages leading to lost sales, revenue, and loss of customer trust. In the very worst scenarios, an organization may be completely paralyzed, finding itself incapacitated with important systems down. Such cyberattacks have successfully caused significant damage to hospital networks and local governments in Europe and the United States, forcing them offline.

These threats require businesses and organization to divert increasing amounts of energy, time and resources to protect against such attacks. At the same time, attackers respond by finding new and sophisticated ways to counter these defences, resulting in an escalating war of defence and attack.

Recognizing these problems, Telin has taken the initiative to offer the Telin Global Internet Security Service for our customers.

How Telin Global Internet Security Service (GIS) Protects Against Cyberattacks

GIS is designed to offer comprehensive network protection from cyberattacks. GIS does this by monitoring internet traffic flow and comparing it to baseline traffic flow to detect anomalies.  If cyberattack is detected, GIS directly do internet attack mitigation and ensure that clean traffic is delivered to customers.

Benefits of Telin Global Internet Security Service (GIS)

Customers to sign on for GIS enjoy 24/7 support, low latency protection service, portal monitoring whereby they can see information on any attacks, and competitive pricing. GIS itself protects against volumetric attacks on the network layer including TCP SYN, SYN/ACK, RST, FIN flood; UDP flood; ICMP flood; fragmentation; amplification, and other services. In addition, GIS can be bundled with connectivity services for one-stop convenience to customers.

Find Out More

Find out more about Telin Global Internet Security Services at telin.net/product/internet-content, or contact us directly at marketing@telin.net. Our team of security experts are available to discuss your security and connectivity needs at your convenience, to help drive your business forward in a safe and secure manner.

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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