16 September 2019

Is Your Cloud Connection Secure?

Posted by Briana from Telin on Sep 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM

New Pain Points in Cloud Services Connectivity

As businesses increasingly turn to cloud infrastructure to manage and store data, the quality of their connection to the cloud is increasingly coming under scrutiny. The rise of hybrid cloud, as well as the growing role of external cloud providers, have created new challenges in this regard. Enterprises migrating from traditional or private cloud to hybrid or public cloud will thus need to rethink their connectivity strategy.

Typical pain points with regard to cloud connectivity revolve around the key issues of security, reliability, data protection and security, as well as cost. First, enterprises need to ensure adequate latency and bandwidth for data transfer. Subsequently, securing this connection and protecting the data poses various challenges.  According to research firm Ovum’s latest Cloud Services Survey, 43% if respondents felt that security issues posed a significant challenge to using cloud services. Finally, the bandwidth itself incurs costs.


Optimally & Efficiently Managing Your Connectivity to the Cloud

As cloud usage grows, these pain points will become key issues that need to be actively managed to ensure a good connectivity experience, yet all but the very large enterprises often find these tasks overwhelming. The Ovum Cloud Services Survey 2018 found that many large enterprises indeed put security management and connectivity sourcing at the top of their outsourcing wish lists, a trend that is likely to continue given the rising complexity of integration challenges related to cloud and connectivity.

Companies are therefore turning to external partnerships to manage these issues. In doing so, it is important to ensure that these partners are able to provide end-to-end services with guaranteed security on a global scale. Ideally, the connectivity provider will also have access or own extensive physical infrastructure with worldwide Point of Presence (PoP) nodes, in order to ensure high-quality network connections to whichever cloud provider you prefer.

These demanding requirements filter out all but a handful of connectivity providers. Among others, telcos providers emerge as a logical choice of cloud connectivity partners, given that many of them operate both digital platforms and physical infrastructure globally. As a bonus, customers may also be able to leverage other services and products offered by such telco connectivity providers, resulting in growth or cost savings.


Fast, Consistent & Secure Connection—Guaranteed

Telin Cloud Exchange Service (TCX) is a telco-backed cloud connectivity service that aims to solve these pain points by guaranteeing fast, consistent and secure connection with usage availability of up to 99.9%. We do this by physically connecting your premises to the nearest AWS (Amazon Web service) or GCP (Google Cloud Platform) colocation point, using a dedicated 1GB / 10Gbit Ethernet fiber-optic cable as well as sub-1G connection. Our virtual private network uses a L2 dedicate private connection, giving both speed and security with excellent latency of around 1.6 ms within Singapore.  TCX will also support Alibaba and Huawei by early 2020.

TCX is backed by the infrastructure, resources and expertise of Telkom Indonesia, Indonesia’s largest telecommunication company which has global offices and more than 65 Point-of-Presences (PoPs) around the world. This includes 16 dedicated PoPs that whose location coincide with cloud provider nodes. Finally, we are committed to support you by delivering end-to-end support including providing last mile connections to our carrier partners.

With TCX in place, there’s no need to focus on managing your network cloud connection day to day anymore. You can simply entrust it to us and concentrate on running your core business more efficiently and effectively.

For more information on TCX, please contact us at marketing@telin.net, or check out telin.net/product/data-connectivity for more details.

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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