24 February 2020

IoT Solution for Realtime Monitoring System

Posted by Briana from Telin on Feb 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

In line with our commitment to make cutting edge technologies available, Telin has partnered with global provider of logistics monitoring services that specializes in providing IoT-based real-time global condition monitoring and visibility services for In-Door, In-Transit, and In-Field Real Time Shipment and Asset Monitoring System.

Why The Needs For Monitoring Your Goods and Assets is Important

What do you want to monitor? We can help you track shipments, inventory, returnable assets and field assets. Its on-demand shipment monitoring services includes multimodal shipment tracking, pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring, spoilage monitoring, damage monitoring, and trailer & container security. The most treasure values are including real-time visibility, business efficiencies, and risk mitigation

For inventory, returnable assets and field assets, it’s as easy as booking a rental car. Simply book and we deliver the wire-free, hassle free and CAPEX-free tracking tags, router and support wherever you need them. Attach the tags to the inventory or assets, and start tracking using our plug-and-play router hardware. You can now monitor your inventory live, using our platform and control automation combined with automation and AI-enabled analytics. When you’re done, simply call us and we’ll come pick up our tracking hardware.

Now, Telin offers IoT-based solution for real time monitoring. With this solution, you can effortlessly enjoy GPS Vehicle Tracking, real-time visibility across the supply chain using RFID solutions and applications for multimodal cargo, all without any need for networking infrastructure or any IT effort on your side to integrate. We also give you automated response and tower control action.

Start Monitoring Your Products Right from Your Fingertips, Anywhere

Customers using this solution, will able to enjoy:

  • Live Tracking and Monitoring of Real-Time Conditions
  • Real-Time analysis of temperature fluctuations on products
  • Reduced wastage/spoilage
  • Reduced risk overall
  • Better deliver compliance with automated ePoD
  • Improved product safety, supported by automated tamper-proof audit trails

In summary, this unique end-to-end solution as part of Telin collaboration with Roambee will simplifies global shipment visibility across the supply chain, including the entire monitoring process for enterprises. We provides patented hardware and software technology, combined with an array of sensor data, analytics, predictive reporting and open application programming interfaces (APIs) to increase return on investment (ROI), improve supply chain operations, and reduce inventory losses.

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Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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