2 November 2020

Innovation in Leveraging Legacy Telco into Enterprise Marketplace

Posted by Briana from Telin on Nov 2, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Over the last decade, traditional voice, messaging (SMS), and data businesses have come under intensifying pricing pressure, fuelled by regulator-mandated competition and intensifying customer expectations.

With margins in these traditional businesses eroding, wholesalers need to move away from competing on connectivity to competing on the application layers, by focusing on using application-driven communication tools to engage their customers and to improve customer satisfaction. Right now, for example, in contrast to declining voice revenue, SMS A2P profit margins are enjoying growth of around 4.X% CAGR due to the growth of OTP traffic.

But this shift also entails considerable hassle for operators in the form of multiple interconnects and agreements. Another major concern for most operators is that the current legacy systems and platforms on their network may not perform optimally, and may also be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

What if there was an efficient, secure platform that enabled you as a wholesale operator to trade openly and transparently with your partners? Using a single agreement and interconnect to connect to the world?

Announcing a Revolutionary New Digital Exchange for Voice, SMS and Virtual Number Trading

As a leading player in the regional telecommunications space, Telin has come up with a revolutionary new solution designed to help customers in the wholesale Voice and SMS marketplace advance their businesses.

Introducing NeuTrafiX, a Digital Public Connectivity Exchange created to meet your Voice, SMS and Virtual Numbers needs that is tailored for enterprises, operators, aggregators and wholesale carriers. NeuTrafiX is specifically designed to address challenges and meet objectives related to:

  • Struggling with real-time data for business to make decision
  • Able to offer service via API to enterprise customer
  • Struggling with declining profitability and risk of bad debts
  • Lack of a transparent, neutral and safe platform to trade
  • Aim to digitize and automate your business operations

By solving these problems, businesses in this sector can start to accelerate their growth and regain their momentum.

Join NeuTrafiX to Accelerate Your Growth

NeuTrafiX is the only digital public exchange offered by an Operator/Carrier in the world that transparently connects Buyers and Sellers using a simple Pay As You Go (PAYG) model. Enterprises, operators, aggregators and wholesale carriers can use NeuTrafiX as a neutral, safe, open API trading platform to digitalize their business operations and transform for the cloud era.

Designed with users’ convenience in mind, Telin NeuTrafiX comes with the following features:

  1. Unified digital experience
  2. Software-defined interconnects
  3. CPaaS certified and ready
  4. Intuitive API console

Together, these features let you quickly plug into the NeuTrafiX platform and start trading almost immediately at your fingertips. Enjoy the luxury of having your own Enterprise Marketplace which customized to your needs.

Interested in Learning More?

Simply email us at marketing@telin.net or check out www.telin.net for more information. Our team is ready to discuss your queries and see how we can advance your businesses, in line with our commitment to keeping you safe, healthy and productive!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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