28 November 2022

How NeuTrafiX Helps Your International Customer Support Capabilities

Posted by Briana from Telin on Nov 28, 2022 8:45:13 PM


As the competition for customers goes global, even small retailers have started worldwide shipment and fulfilment, and the need for enhanced customer support has risen accordingly. In order to cope, companies have begun digitizing their business to provide the best customer experience, including the offering of free rate international call-center numbers.

Nowadays, customer call centers need to be able to answer the bulk of inquiries automatically, freeing up human agents to handle more complex queries. Such solutions are proven to increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

In addition, many customer service centers have begun offering international call-center numbers, as the presence of phone numbers can serve as a prompt to buy.

Invoca, a leading conversation intelligence platform, found that at least “80% of customers said they felt more confident in their big-ticket online purchases by just seeing a phone number displayed on e-commerce sites, while 87% said that talking to a person on the phone made them feel more confident in committing to online purchases”.


Handling global queries in a cost-effective manner

One feature that enterprise organizations may find helpful is the provision of international toll-free service. By offering an international number that global customers can call free of charge, organizations can potentially solve customer complaints, improve acquisition and retention, and increase customer satisfaction.


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In line with this trend, Telin as a telco-carrier has started offering Indonesian International Toll Free Service (ITFS) in its own digital marketplace called NeuTrafiX as part of helping customers with customer support reformation.

Indonesian ITFS can help upgrade customers’ call centers and customer service capabilities so as to be able to easily handle inquiries at your preferred international location. In other words, internal calls made to the ITFS in Indonesia will be forwarded to customer's preferred international SIP location. So that the enterprises can better reach out to their international end customers.

In addition, ITFS also offers premium services for enterprises in terms of call flow system. End customers can make calls for free to call centers, conference bridges, and other facilities without paying for the call, which is charged to the receiving enterprise.


Benefits of Indonesian ITFS on NeuTrafiX

With Indonesian ITFS service on NeuTrafiX, organizations can easily upgrade their contact centers by selecting the call-free number of their choice in NeuTrafiX. Set up is simple, since just one agreement is needed to unlock unlimited connection. At the same time, since it uses a prepaid payment system, enterprises don’t have to worry about costs ballooning past a certain limit. Finally, NeuTrafiX offers automated summary reports and monthly statements as part of the package.

Moreover, here are some advantages NeuTrafiX offers for all kinds of virtual numbers, such as Indonesian ITFS :

  • Easy Navigation
  • Powerful Market View
  • Software Defined Provisioning of Numbers
  • Search, Source, Provision Numbers on the Fly

As a result, this service improves engagement and assists with acquisition and retention of new customers, without incurring Capex, and enables NeuTrafiX users to better serve their global customer base—all without extensive additional cost.

Sign up with NeuTrafiX and see the list of Indonesian ITFS numbers available in the Number Market view menu on NeuTrafiX platform. For NeuTrafIX members, you can simply find the detail on how to purchase here.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how to add international toll free service, just send us an email at marketing@neutrafix.net and we can chat about how best to move your business forward. Stay safe, stay healthy, and Stay Connected with Telin!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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