21 April 2021

Helping You Keep Ahead of the Technology Curve By Achieving Consistent Customer Experience Across Channels

Posted by Briana from Telin on Apr 21, 2021 7:30:30 AM


In this rapid growth era of digital services, customers’ expectations on customer experience and service are higher than ever. According to Zendesk’s Omnichannel Customer Service Gap, 87% of customers think brands need to create a seamless experience.

As a result, both Carrier Service Providers and Enterprises are challenged to raise the bar. The former typically faces challenges on how to drive innovation across their core communications services, while the latter needs provide a seamless and consistent brand experience across their communications channels so as to satisfactorily address customer expectations.

Currently, Enterprise Managers allocate 40% of their IT spend to communications—a huge amount. Is there a way to reduce this?

Harnessing CPaaS to deliver consistent customer experience

Carrier Service Providers and Enterprises face common problems in innovating their communications services. A comprehensive overhaul of their technology infrastructure has the potential to incur high costs, as well as creating security risks if the system is not properly secured. Plus, there’s the risk of creating problems for end customers if the technology is not implemented seamlessly.

On the other hand, it’s essential to upgrade in order to become more efficient and productive, especially as competition intensifies. To solve this problem, more and more companies are signing on to cloud-based Communication Platform-As-A-Service (CPaaS) solutions, which allow them to simply sign on for modern omnichannel digital communication solutions without having to invest in their own systems and/or deal with periodic upgrades.

Tech companies and large enterprises were early adopters of CPaaS but many other sectors use CPaaS too now such as banks and healthcare companies, whether for customer service, authentication or notification purposes.

Your Preferred OmniChannel Communication

Not all CPaaS solutions are created alike. When you look for the right provider for your needs, you need to consider the quality of the solutions offered, price point, connectivity, security and customer support.

Understanding these issues, Telin has drawn on its vast telco experience to create a full stack CPaaS called NeuAPIX which offers best-in-class global connectivity with high security and SLA, supported by real-time, omni-channel communication APIs.

Moreover, clients can choose from a basic package offering great value for money, or customize their own package for optimal performance in line with their needs. By using NeuAPIX, we enable organizations to enjoy the benefits of integrated real-time communications applications at a fraction of its usual cost and complexity.

  • Basic Solution
    • Users connect to NeuAPIX to make programable Voice, SMS and Video
    • Use their own apps & resources to connect to NeuAPIX
  • Customized Solution
    • Integration with external apps with RESTful API supported (system integration is needed)
    • Collaboration with third parties to build an environment for solutions

Integration with Microsoft Teams

For Microsoft Teams users, NeuAPIX delivers an additional advantage as it can integrate with the Microsoft Teams platform, enabling SMS for Microsoft Teams.

As a result, any Microsoft Teams user with a business phone number to send and receive SMS messages within the application, eliminating the need for employees to send SMS to contacts from a personal cell phone or third-party application.

Companies gain immediate advantages across departments by adding SMS functionality into their Microsoft Teams platform, including better security and compliance as SMS communications then take place on this platform rather than personal devices.

Benefits of Telin NeuApix CPaaS      

By signing on to NeuAPIX, our customers are able to gain valuable savings on resources and infrastructure, while enhancing customer experience and increasing time to market. The benefits of NeuAPIX include:

  • Fast go-to-market supported by full stack CPaaS capabilities
  • Transport carrier agnostic (BYOC)
  • Easy to scale
  • Global support for development and production with Guaranteed SLA.
  • Professional services: development, consulting, and training
  • Cost savings over building full CPaaS capabilities from scratch

In summary, NeuAPIX can help you keep ahead of the technology curve to deliver consistent omni-channel customer experience. Sign up and watch your business grow!

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Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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