28 March 2019

Fast, Consistent, Secure; The Era Of Cloud Connectivity

Posted by Briana from Telin on Mar 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Nowadays Companies and Their "Big Data"

More than ever, enterprises are storing, processing, and transferring huge volume of data. As revealed in conference session in Bali Annual Telkom International Conference (BATIC) in March 2019, organizations around the world will produce 163 zettabytes of data by 2025. The data comes from several sources, such as customers, service information, products, sales and transactions. Organizations are also capturing data from online sources such as the web, social media, and connected sensors.

Processing and analyzing this large amount data are essential for gaining insight about market and customers, making better decisions, improving operations and creating new business models. For example, one of airlines company, by using only 20% on their combined data sets and insight, achieved double conversion rates. Similarly, assisted by insight gleaned from their data, one of the fast food companies increased sales by 3% and coupon usage by 150%.

The need to tackle huge volume of data (“big data”) quickly and effectively is one of the factors that drives companies to consider cloud solutions. Traditional solutions will dictate them to invest in on-site infrastructure to obtain needed computing power and storage space to process and store data, and the human resources to manage the system.

Why Traditional On-Site Installation Is Not Relevant Anymore?

However there are many reasons why traditional on-site installation may not be appropriate. Businesses are reluctant to commit to large initial investment and the maintenance cost that might be needed. They are also less flexible: when available computing power are no longer enough, it takes time to add new machines and upgrade existing installations. On the other hand, it is probable that the actual computing needs are lower than predicted and the resources go under-utilized.

Cloud computing can be a better choice. Companies need not large investment from the beginning, but can start small and scale as necessary. Because pay-as-you-go model usually applies, companies will only need to spend money as needed. Companies can focus on their own data processing requirements and leave maintenance and administration to the cloud provider.

These advantages in cloud computing solutions are clearly accepted by various businesses. According to IDC's forecast, companies worldwide are moving from traditional in-house server installations to public and private cloud solutions every year. In Indonesia cloud computing spending increases up to 43.3 percent each year. Amazon Web Service (AWS) is the leader, owning about 31 percent of the market.

The Lows of Cloud Based Solutions

However, cloud-based solutions are not without their own pitfalls. A lot of your data may be already stored on the cloud provider’s servers, ready to be processed. But it is likely you still need to transfer large datasets from your on-premise installations to your cloud provider regularly. This high-volume data transfer is a problem if you use public internet to connect to your cloud applications. You critical network traffic will need to compete with other usage, such as web and email. The internet connection can be the bottleneck and prevent you to run your cloud applications optimally.

One alternative is to increase bandwidth to the internet service provider. This is usually costly and does not guarantee the speed and the quality of the network. The data will still have to traverse the public internet and contend with other traffic, not only from your own usage but also from other internet users.

Generally for critical cloud applications, companies will desire not only fast speed, but also consistent and secure network experience. This applies not only for big data processing, but also other types of cloud applications.

The Solution You Might Need

The best answer to the high-volume data transfer problem is to establish a dedicated line from your enterprise network to the cloud solution providers. This direct connection will guarantee throughout and consistent network experience.

If direct cloud connectivity is what you require, you should consider Telin Cloud Exchange Service. Telin offers direct connection service for your cloud application needs. Telin can quickly and easily install a secure, high performance private connection from Amazon Web Service to your data center, offices, and / or colocation environment.

Telin Cloud Exchange Service connects your premises to leading cloud providers, using a dedicated 1 GB/10Gbit ethernet fiber optic cable. The service can meet your need for better, larger data connectivity, and optimal cloud computing performance to grow your business.

Telin Cloud Exchange Service Benefits Speedy and Secure

Using MPLS, a virtual private network that makes connections faster, more efficient, and secure, you can send data much faster between routers.


Telin Cloud Exchange services is compatible with all AWS services ranging from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). Telin Cloud Exchange Service also have other Cloud Service provider which offered you for other benefits.

Elastic Bandwidth

Our bandwidth can be easily scaled to suit your needs. Telin Cloud Exchange offers connections of 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps, and multiple connections for more capacity through a fast provisioning process. Instead of establishing a VPN connection to your Amazon VPC, utilize our solution to avoid unsupported data transfer rates above 4 Gbps.

Widespread Presence

Telin’s AWS Direct Connect Services has a widespread POP around the world (currently about 72 POP spread). The service is backed by Telkom Indonesia, the biggest telco company in the country with extensive infrastructure in the archipelago.

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