23 March 2021

Digitalize Your Business Through a Connectivity Marketplace

Posted by Briana from Telin on Mar 23, 2021 9:19:27 AM


Once dominant in the industry, legacy businesses such as voice and SMS have increasingly lagged over the last decade as end consumers continue to move away from traditional telcos in favor of cloud adoption.

These dynamics have driven traditional wholesale players to innovate and explore new solutions, including merging or collaborating on platforms. Some telcos have opted to stick to their core business and try to digitalize where possible, while others have decided to broaden their offerings.

As the industry tries to evolve and find its way forward, it’s clear that digitalization and transformation are emerging as core themes across a wide variety of strategies. That said, digitalization often requires considerable investment, and players need to carefully assess their roadmap to ensure that their investments pay off, especially when done in house. 


Lack of transparency is hampering industry innovation

A close examination of the industry shows that both sell-side operators and carriers as well as buy-side enterprises would benefit from increased transparency.

In the absence of transparency and digitalization, operators and carriers face a fragmented global market and difficulties in expanding their access. Each counterparty agreement needs to be vetted and negotiated, and there is the risk of fraud from counterparties. Tied into this structure is inherent cash flow risk and bad debt concerns. 

Meanwhile, enterprises are unable to easily find the best prices and routes available for them. They wind up paying premium for suboptimal routes. Moreover, each connection must be manually negotiated, taking away valuable time and resources from the enterprises’ core businesses.


How can radical transparency bring the industry forward?

Right now, the legacy business is operating on outdated models of manual connection. In order to drive scalability and decrease unit costs down, it’s necessary to switch to operational modes that can support fast interconnection—namely, to go digital.

Looking at other industries, digital platforms have greatly increased efficiency and potential to scale for the players involved. In commerce for example, using digital platforms, sellers and buyers can easily browse each other’s offerings and pay using secure and verified channels.

Telin has developed NeuTrafiX, a digital connectivity platform, to deliver this sort of functionality for the voice and SMS wholesale industry. By creating a neutral, secure platform where buyers and sellers can transparently trade and connect using API connection, supporting by automated processing and payment as part of the platform features, to bring the industry forward.


How NeuTrafiX streamlines connectivity

NeuTrafiX is a Public Digital Connectivity Exchange for commodity-based Voice, SMS, and Virtual Numbers serving Enterprises, OTTs, Operators, Carriers, and CSPs. NeuTrafiX is designed to be a transparent marketplace for Buyers and Sellers to trade using a simple Pay-as-You-Go model on a prepayment basis.

Nowadays, the single agreement has become multi agreement which need to be managed better and clearer. For instance, a single agreement with NeuTrafiX is all a Buyer needed to start trading with Sellers globally and vice versa. The platform’s smart SD-Interconnect automatically simplifies interconnection and trading with other members. The platform is also API ready for digital enterprises to interconnect. 

By automating the interconnect trading process and connecting buyers and sellers, NeuTrafiX immediately makes it possible to start scaling fast. Moreover, a real-time dashboard lets Buyers and Sellers to track their traffic performance including the number of credits they’ve spent or received, supported by relevant analytics.


Key benefits for members

To ensure a good user experience, the platform has been designed to offer a unified digital experience supported by SD interconnects. It’s also CPaaS certified & ready, with an intuitive API console.

What are the main advantages of joining? NeuTrafiX lets you:

  • Digitalize your business operations
  • Accelerate your Go-to-Market
  • Do business securely
  • Pay as you go
  • Offer API to wholesale/partner developer
  • Enjoy risk free improved cash flow
  • Do transparency-direct deals
  • See real time credit management
  • Access real time data analytics

Taiwan, Singapore, China, United States, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Switzerland, Estonia, Canada, and many more has joined NeuTrafiX community as Buyer / Seller and experience the benefits. Jumpstart your business transition to the digital age with NeuTrafiX and experience the benefits for yourself.


Sign up now

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Send us an email at marketing@telin.net or you can follow the guidelines through our youtube channel http://telin.me/NTX-YTChannel to get you onboard in just minutes away. Stay Connected, Stay safe and stay healthy!


Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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