28 May 2021

Delivering Fast Content Without Compromising Security

Posted by Briana from Telin on May 28, 2021 12:45:14 PM


As the pandemic continues, the increase in connectivity demand looks like it is here to stay. Traffic during pandemic grew by 84% reaching 14TB, almost double the growth rate during a normal situation of 43%.

Streaming activity during #stayathome grew by 650%, with virtual conferencing usage rising by 275% during the #workfromhome situation. Gaming has increased by 91% and e-commerce shopping has increased by 13%.

Under such circumstances, consumers are demanding better connectivity quality, even as demand spikes. This combination is putting unprecedented pressure on companies to upgrade their connectivity for better user experience.

How are Enterprises Coping?

Enterprises all around the world are doing their best to keep up with booming demand for connectivity demand. Common steps include buying their internet bandwidth, investing in more servers, and adopting on-premise security platforms in the hopes of delivering good user experience while maintaining security, all of which come with additional costs, when there is a traffic surge.

In practice, many companies still fail to deliver good user experience. Up to 53% of internet users abandon sites due to slow loading time, which is generally considered to be anything in excess of three seconds. Loading time (latency) typically increases with distance as content takes longer to travel between servers and users.

In addition, companies must also look into security measures, given the increase in cyberattacks. DDoS attacks have increased by 10x for Small Enterprise and 24x for Large Enterprise, with attacks coming from all over the world. In 2021, top emerging cybersecurity measures to watch include authentication abuse, targeting of remote workers, scamming especially in the context of COVID-19 vaccinations and relief packages, and ransomware attacks. However, security measures to counter these threats often degrade performance, causing further frustration for users.

Telin’s CDN & Security Solution Balances Performance and Security

Telin’s bundled Content Delivery Network (CDN) & Security was created specifically to help clients deliver better user experience, while safeguarding the network.

Telin does this by operating a globally distributed platform of servers, allowing servers to load balance and dynamically adjust to demand, maintaining your enterprise's server availability during peak times. This network of servers also enables you to improve content response time by caching static content in servers that are located closer to you end users. As a result, our customers only have to invest in enough servers to handle their dynamic content since static content can be cached our distributed global server network.

This network of servers also delivers security benefits. Under this approach, if some servers are congested or overloaded, other servers can share the load, thus maintaining availability even in the face of a DDoS attack. Furthermore, traffic going through this network is inspected and automatically filtered if it shows undesirable anomalies, for additional security.

Customers moreover enjoy cloud-based protection from cyberattacks on both the application and network layer. For additional security, Telin can even connect your existing router to a Telin & Cloud Service Provider colocation using MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) for secure, high-performance telecommunications networking.

In summary, Telin’s bundled CDN & Security solution ensures a better and more secure end user internet experience for your business, while delivering cost savings.

Features of Telin’s CDN & Security Solution

Telin’s integrated solution directly address common connectivity and security pain points for enterprises.

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) component offers:

  • A distributed server network to get content closer to end-user
  • Optimized delivery of big traffic to ensure end-user experience
  • Cost Savings on Internet bandwidth

The cloud-based nature of the solution offers:

  • Immediately deployable and scalable
  • Minimizes need to invest in own servers
  • Time and cost savings

The robust security aspect includes:

  • Security solutions deployed in both Cloud and CDN to ensure performance
  • Protection for both Network and Application layer

This combination of three critical solutions offers Enterprises, Carrier, and Digital Players a cost-efficient, high value solution to ensure the best experience for every user while securing their data.

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Briana from Telin

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