22 November 2019

Connecting the World Underneath the Sea

Posted by Briana from Telin on Nov 22, 2019 8:00:00 AM


An astounding 97% of the world’s communications rely on undersea fiber-optic cables, yet few businesses realize that these cables are prone to disruptions. Earthquakes can create days-long interruptions in service, especially in earthquake prone areas such as the seas around Japan where the bulk of United States-Asia connections cross. For example, various earthquakes have severed undersea cable systems near Taiwan in 2006 and 2016, disrupting business across Asia.

Another frequent threat comes from trawlers, whose operations can snap undersea cables. In 2018 for example, the entire country of Mauritania was left offline for 48 hours and nine other African nations suffered outages due to a severed submarine cable. Indeed, hundreds undersea cable failures happen every year all over the world, mostly caused by fishing activities. Many of these disruptions take place in the area around South China Sea, Luzon Strait and Japan where cables frequently experience cutting and breakage.

As a result, customers may experience unstable connection, high latency or even temporary loss of connection. In an era where digital connection is critical to smooth business operations, what are some ways to safeguard against these problems?

Expanding the World’s Submarine Cable Routes

As businesses are required to handle ever higher volumes of data communications, it becomes a challenge to ensure that smooth and reliable connection especially between different offices. Over the past three years, Telin has made a concerted effort to expand its submarine cable network in order to offer high quality connection and expand the diversity of routes available to customers around the world as a backup to existing routes.

In particular, Telin’s SEA-US trans-Pacific cable links directly to the Indonesian Global Gateway (IGG), a 5,300 trans-archipelago cable that connects via Singapore to the 20,000 km Southeast Asia – Middle East – Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5). cable. The SEA-ME-WE cable in turn runs through 15 countries, linking South East Asia, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Featuring 24 terrabyte capacity, equivalent to transmission of 30 million HD video per second, plus native 100G technology to deliver high speeds and low latency of 136 ms, the SEA-ME-WE cable runs through Telin’s carrier neutral data centers in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

The result of the SEA-US-IGG-SEA-MEW-WE 5 linkage is an enormous 207,260 km-long submarine cable network, totalling 21 submarine cables and 64 Point of Presences (PoPs) which connects Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the United States (US). This low-latency 100G capacity connection offers the most efficient connection between South-East Asia and the USA, as well as the most secure connection since it bypasses seismically active earthquake prone area like South China Sea, Luzon Strait, and Japan.

More importantly, it places Southeast Asia at the centre of these cable systems, thus emphasizing the region’s importance in the integrated global communications network and also improving the region’s connection with the rest of the world.

Why You Can Rely on Telin’s Submarine Cable System

Users of Telin’s SEA-US network are able to experience the lowest time delay and high availability connectivity service compared to the existing route, as it only requires three hops to connect from Singapore to the US.

Customers’ benefits are including: 

An Exclusive, Secure & Dedicated Network

High-quality and reliable point-to-point private connections on our fibre optic network, dedicated for your exclusive use.

Integrated Business

Operate with confidence anywhere in the world. IPLC / IEPL's versatile architecture seamlessly delivers data, voice and video across prominent cable networks, and can also connect to major data centers in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.

Guaranteed Security & Speed

Perfect for mission-critical applications with high security and availability, for example financial institutions and technology-based companies.

24x7 Support

Our 24-hour World Hub Operation Command Center, which ensures IPLC / IEPL Service runs smoothly round-the-clock every day.

Scalable Bandwidth for Cost-Effectiveness

Competitive pricing with low deployment cost and fixed monthly tariffs that can be scaled either in STM-1 to STM-64 increments for IPLC, or in increments of 1 Mbps, 10Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps for IEPL and 100Gbps for OTU4. Telin also offers Indefeasible right of use (IRU) scheme for Singapore to Los Angeles route.

Cable Diversity

Telin offers diversity via major cable networks including BSCS, TIS, SMW4, SMW5, AAG, APCN-2, C2C, JUS, TGN-IA, UNITY and SJC and newer cable systems like SEA-US and IGG.

Find Out More

Get more information on the options open to you. Check out telin.net/product/data-connectivity or email us at marketing at marketing@telin.net. Our expert team is happy to discuss your needs and recommend solutions to optimize your global connectivity, leveraging our extensive submarine cable network in line with our vision of becoming a Global Digital Hub.

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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