16 September 2020

Are You Looking for an Advanced Reliable Connection?

Posted by Briana from Telin on Sep 16, 2020 11:45:00 AM

Cloud services are rapidly transforming the IT landscape with their convenience and cost efficiency. Nowadays, 84% of enterprise already use a cloud service, and the global cloud computing market is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023, of which Amazon, Microsoft and Google combined currently account for a whopping 57%.

Many organizations, with their budgets under pressure amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, are finding that cloud services offer convenient and cost-efficient options. In fact, cost optimization is the primary reason for 47% of all enterprises’ cloud migration.

With pay-as-you-go cloud-based services, you can spread out the costs over time, and you also have the option of easily scaling up whenever you need to. It moreover puts the responsibility of keeping the backend infrastructure up-to-date on the provider, while you as the user simply login and automatically have access to the most updated service.

Ensuring High Performance Once You Move to Cloud

Moving to cloud is in theory a great idea, but in doing so it’s very important to make sure that you have a fast, consistent and secure connection to the cloud. Some items to consider think about include:

  • Consider upgrading to faster hardware if the hardware is being a bottleneck
  • Consider using new technologies like in-memory processing
  • Seeing if you can situate end-users close to connections to reduce latency
  • Using more than one cloud provider in case one of them experiences an outage, which is rare but not unheard of.
  • Finally, is the connectivity provider to your cloud-based applications reliable, fast and secure?

Surprisingly, this last point sometimes goes unlooked, even though it’s a crucial point in ensuring that your investment in cloud services is returning value.

How to Select the Right Cloud Connection Provider

The three key aspects to consider are speed, consistency and security when evaluating cloud connection providers. This is important as poor and insecure connections can compromise your data and negatively impact your productivity.

Ask the vendors you are evaluating about their broadband speeds and SLA standards, as well as their customer support. How flexible are they in terms of connecting to different cloud service providers, in case you one day switch providers? Also, are they able to offer support in your geographical area? What about in markets that you are thinking of expanding to?

Once you find a vendor that meets your requirements in these areas, it’s important to ask about their network security. Are they able to run multiple virtual interfaces while maintaining network isolation?

Finally, in anticipation of your future business growth, check how long it will take the cloud connectivity to provider to increase your bandwidth in the case that you need to scale up. Only if the provider meets all these requirements should you consider going forward.

What Telin Can Offer as a Solution

Telin Cloud Exchange (TCX) offers fast, secure and reliable global connection between your network premises and your chosen cloud provider, using a dedicated Ethernet fiber-optic cable. TCX is compatible with all Cloud Service Market Leaders: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Provider (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Alicloud (Alibaba). TCX’s Winning Features are including Extensive Global Coverage, High Availability, Seamless Cloud Connection, Connect to Multiple Cloud Service Providers, 1G Up and Sub-1G, and Telin’s One-Stop Connection.

Interested to Know More?

Find out more about Telin at https://www.telin.net/ and look at the advantages of TCX – how it can help you move to cloud. Simply shoot email us at marketing@telin.net and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to welcome you and have a chat!

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep productive!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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