13 April 2023

3 Quick Steps to Improving Cybersecurity for Governments & Corporates

Posted by Briana from Telin on Apr 13, 2023 5:58:38 PM


2023 may be a year of arrested economic growth, but not when it comes to cybersecurity spending. Attacks are on the rise, as cybercriminals indiscriminately target all sorts of entities from small businesses to non-profits, health providers, large corporations, and even governments.

In fact, Q2 2022 research found that governments and governmental agencies were the second most attacked industry, with an average of 1.564 attacks per week - a 20% increase from the same period the previous year.  The center for internet and Society at Stanford reported that nearly one-third of local US governments surveyed “reported being attacked hourly, and nearly half at least daily.”

Based on a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the financial damage caused by these DDoS attacks was estimated at 1.7 million USD per year per organization.  


Governments and corporations urgently need to tighten up security

Government entities and certain corporations sit atop a wealth of data, including sensitive information such as financial data, security data, highly strategic planning information, and critical infrastructure.

Even one successful breach could result in leaked state-level intelligence, classified assets, and personally identifiable information to cybercriminals. The stolen data is often sold to create forged documents, steal identities, gain initial access to organizations, take over privileged accounts, or disrupt critical infrastructure.

For example, the Guardian reported that hackers took down over a dozen US airport websites offline in 2022, including websites for major airports like Los Angeles international airport.


3 quick steps to quickly improve cybersecurity

As a start, security expert Shields Up recommends these quick steps to improve cybersecurity for organizations:

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  • STEP 1 - Setting up detection procedures, ideally with a security partner who has both global reach and local scrubbing server capabilities in order to thwart attacks before they even make it to the target country
  • STEP 2 - Designating a crisis response team and establishing a response plan
  • STEP 3 - Isolating backups from network connections, and testing backup procedures.

Sounds simple? It’s just a start.

But one way to jumpstart the process is to have a cybersecurity provider do it for you. Ideally, one that not only offers security but has the experience and ability to deliver robust connectivity and guide you to the best results.

A great value, world-class connectivity, and cybersecurity bundled solution

Over the last decade, Telin has quietly established itself as a leader in digital infrastructure and cybersecurity. Clients with a strong presence in Asia who looking for a secure, robust, and fast connection to the global network are well advised to consult with Telin.

With 227,300 kilometers of submarine cable system length worldwide, including 58 Points of Presence globally, Telin has the global infrastructure and experience to carry out large-scale, concentrated cyber. Telin moreover owns and operates more than 19 Tier II to Tier IV Data Centers operated in Singapore, Hong Kong, Timor Leste, and Indonesia, and keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in cybersecurity technology.

In addition, Telin offers differentiated solutions that can help protect valuable government and corporate data at different stages of the data life cycle, from the point of data collection to sharing with different systems and users, by installing multiple layers of protection, from the network layer (Layer 3) to the transport layer (Layer 4) and the application layer (Layer 7).

But don’t take our word for it. Choosing a connectivity and security solution provider is a big step! In the meantime, if you have any questions, we’re always happy to hear from you at marketing@telin.net. Our team of experts can help diagnose your needs and suggest solutions for your review and evaluation.

Good luck, and let’s #BeCyberSmart and #StayPROtected in 2023!

Briana from Telin

Written by Briana from Telin

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